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Gallery Notes

All the images were processed with the Nattress Film Effect. No further processing was done to them outside of the Film Effects plugin. The original images were shot with a Sony PDX10 DVCam in 16x9 and captured directly into Final Cut Pro via Firewire.


All of the presets are created with the G Film Plus filter. Everything is editable and these presets can form the basis for your own ideas, and your own "presets". The G Film Presets Explorer filter is a convenient way to examine all the provided presets on your footage. You can either use the G Film Presets Explorer filter "as is", or use the ideas to set you off on the creation of your own custom looks.





Original, unaltered image


Basic Black & White


Basic Bleach


Basic Cool


Basic Diffusion


Basic Sepia


Basic Warm






Cold Diffusion




Day For Night




"Morning Mist"


Old Projector


Silent Film


Soft Diffusion


Warm Diffusion




Future Developments

There will be new presets added in the future. These will be free upgrades. If you would like me to consider using one of your own created "presets" in future versions of G Film Effects, then email me.




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