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Film Effects V2.5.2

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"Brother" Film Preset "Old Projector" Film Preset

New In V2.5.2
This update fixes a bug in the G Chroma Sharpen Interlaced and Progressive filters that put a green line on the bottom of the screen when using 4:2:0 Smooth then Sharpen mode.

New In V2.5

  • Improved conversion quality
  • Y'CbCr Native
  • Varicam 60p to 24p Conversion
  • 24p Advanced Pulldown to 24p Normal Conversion (DVX100, XL2)
  • Film Source NTSC to PAL conversion
  • DV NTSC 4:1:1 to 4:2:2 conversion
  • New tutorial movies and instruction manual

Film Effects is fully featured (See Tech Info).

  • Makes video look like film
  • Preset Library contains many popular film effects - use as-is or tweak to create your own unique look
  • Remove DV colour artifacts with intelligent chroma upsampler
  • Native FCP plugin - no need to take your video to an external application
  • New G Film Dissolve for five varieties of real film dissolve effects
  • RT Extreme enabled with G Film Plus RT and G Film Presets Explorer RT
  • G Vignette for darkened edges and more creative effects
  • G Smart De-Interlacer
  • Dithered Levels controls
  • Four new optimized de-interlacers
  • Three new Gamma control plugins
  • Two new chroma sharpeners that work with SD, DV, HDV and HD
  • and more....

For NTSC video Film Effects first converts your 60i video to 24 frames per second, and then applies 3:2 pulldown to leave you with video that looks like it originated on film. To produce this effect used to mean an expensive special plugin for After Effects, but now you can have it directly inside Final Cut Pro - and faster too!

For PAL users, Film Effects has a high quality smart de-interlacer that will convert your 50i video to 25p. This option can also be used by NTSC users who want the 30p effect.

Film Effects is suitable for PAL, NTSC and High Definition Video.

Film Effects also includes plugins which will make your video take on the tonal characteristics of film. In G Film Plus, using a special version of the curves effect from G Levels and G Super Levels from Set 1, you can adjust the image to acquire the best of film's characteristics. Film doesn't always look good, so Film Damage provides you with dirt, scratches and hair to help produce the look of old film.

Creating a good Film Effect can be tricky, so to help you get started are a set of presets and G Film Effects Presets Explorer, a quick way to look through and test all the presets provided.

DV video is a great format and affordable too. It has allowed low budget film-makers to get their ideas onto tape at a much higher quality than was previously available, and at a lower cost too. But DV is not without its faults, and the resolution of the colour (chroma) part of the video signal is one of them. The low chroma resolution of DV is perfectly acceptable in many cases, but can cause problems when certain effects are used, like chroma-keys (blue and green screen effects). G Nicer is a chroma reconstruction filter which uses a new algorithm to intelligently improve the quality of the chroma by looking at the high resolution brightness information in the video as well as the colour. This technique can provide you with a better when outputting to a higher quality format like Digital Betacam, or when applying chroma-key effects. G Nicer is not a chroma blur filter. Although blurring the chroma can help achieve a better looking chroma-key or transfer, it will not put back in some of the information that was lost - just spread what information there is about a bit to make its low resolution less noticeable . G Nicer puts back in a lot of the information that was lost. It can't put it all back in - that's impossible - but it does help a lot!

G Chroma Sharpen uses different algorithms to improve the quality of all chroma subsampled video sources. You can use it instead of, or in conjunction with G Nicer.




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