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Film Effects - FAQ

Does Film Effects work with HDV?

Yes, it does work with HDV. Using Film Effects on 1080i60 footage from the Sony HDV cameras produces great results too, much better than the in-camera CF24 mode.

What do you get when you buy Film Effects?

Over 24 filters, and 6 transitions, and over 20 presets, a full PDF manual and access to the best tech support in the business.

What sets Film Effects apart from the competition?

Film Effects is a complete package. It features all the tools you need to make video look like film. Film Effects is not just a glorified colour corrector! Film Effects includes:

  • Film Dissolves,
  • De-interlacers (of all kinds, including excellent "Smart" de-interlacers) and great 24p simulation
  • Film gamma curves, specially designed to add drama and depth to any type of video
  • Powerful levels and curves
  • Chroma reconstruction filters to improve any chroma-subsampled video source (DV, HDV, HDCAM etc.)
  • and for fun, Film Damage effects
  • and more!

Are there any tutorials on the use of Film Effects?

Glenn Chan has kindly written this tutorial where he shows how Film Effects can be used with Apple filters.

Which versions of FCP does Film Effects work in?

Film Effects is tested in FCP3, 4, 4.5 and 5, and works in FCE and FCE2. Film Effects is a native FCP plugin and hence has great compatibility, and takes advantage of either the Y'CbCr or RGB rendering pipeline as appropriate.

Why does Film Effects only cost $100, it can't be that good and that cheap?

We spend your money on R&D, not marketing and hype - it's that simple. We only sell via electronic download or through a select group of resellers, and that keeps the cost down. We believe in affordable software.

Free upgrades?

No Film Effects user, even those who first purchased version 1, has ever been charged for any of the many upgraded versions that have been released so far. We're now on Version 2.5.2 with Version 3.0 in development. This may have to change in the future, but for now, upgrades are free.

Tech Support?

It is often hard to get good tech support for computer software. That's why when you have a problem or question, it's the programmer of Film Effects that answers it, and answers it very rapidly.

I shoot 24p - why should I buy Film Effects?

Film Effects does more than just 24p! If you shoot 24p already, you can use the presets and wonderful gamma curves, and chroma enhancing filters to make your video look it's best.

I don't want my video to look like film, is Film Effects useful?

Practically every aspect of Film Effects is devoted to making video look better. The controls in the plugins give you immense power to make video look film or just to make video look better!

Can't I just do everything in the 3 way color corrector?

You can try, but there are many effects in Film Effects which just can't be created with traditional colour correction tools. That's why many of the elements of Film Effects are brought out into their own plugins so that you can use them creatively.


Download the free demo and try out Film Effects for yourself.

What's new in V2.5?

Nine new plugins: 4 new de-interlacers, 3 gamma plugins and 2 chroma sharpeners. See instructions for full details.

What do you mean by RT?

By RT, I mean Real Time enabled, which means that if your computer is fast enough then you will experience some real time functionality. The Film Effects filters are very complex and do the work of about 10 "normal" filters in one, so you may need a pretty beefy mac to get any real time functionality out of them!

I use PAL - Will Film Effects work?

Yes. Film Effects works for both PAL and NTSC. See the Technical Information.

Is Film Effects just a de-interlacer?

No. Film Effects includes a high quality smart de-interlacer as part of the algorithm, but for NTSC users, Film Effects will create the true 24p look by also using 3:2 pulldown.

Is Film Effects just for DV?

No. Film Effects can be used on any interlaced video, digital or analogue, running at either 25 or 30 frames per second.

I shoot 24p - can I still use Film Effects?

Yes you can. All the filters allow you to turn off the frame rate processing and you can make excellent use of all the presets and the tonal/colour controls, the dissolves, film flash, vignettes etc. You can also make great use of the new RT plugins which don't have any film speed processing for extra rendering speed.

I have a hard job getting a good chroma-key from DV - Will Film Effects help?

Yes it will. The intelligent chroma-upsampler will increase the resolution of the DV chroma signal thus improving the quality of the key you can achieve.

Does Film Effects alter the audio?

No. Film Effects leaves the audio alone so as to keep the audio in sync with the picture.

Does Film Effects produce 24fps video on a 24fps timeline from NTSC video?

No. Film Effects keeps the frame rate of the final video constant, so if you're working in NTSC, the video and timeline remain at 29.97fps, but the video will look as if it had originated at 24p and been transferred to NTSC video with 3:2 pulldown, and hence look like it had originated on film. Standards Conversion which will address the problem of how to get NTSC video onto a 24fps timeline via its Film Converter option.

Any known limitations to Film Effects?

The film rate processing in Film Effects (24p for example) does not always work too well on footage that has been sped up in FCP, nor does it work well with 30p (progressive / frame mode) footage. 10 bit or high precision YUV rendering in FCP does not always produce desired results due to the bug in the FCP multiply code. G Nicer is not compatible with 10bt or high precision YUV rendering.

How do I get my copy of Film Effects?

Film Effects is available for electronic download from the E-Store. Click on the E-Store button on the navigation bar at the top of the web page or click here.

Click HERE for a copy of the Film Effects Instructions.




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