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G Vignette

G Vignette started out as quite a simple filter to darken the edges of a image so as to make the edges look vignetted. However, there are many creative possibilities beyond that in how such a filter can be extended. G Vignette takes the basic idea and adds enough controls to make it a fantastically creative tool.

Vignette Colour A colour picker
Select the primary vignette colour.
Vignette Colour B colour picker Select the secondary vignette colour.
Vignette Background Colour A on White
Colour A on Black
Colour A on Grey
Colour A on Colour B
Because of the blending modes that can be used, you can choose to use the primary colour on white (good for multiply mode), black (good for screen or add mode) and grey (good for overlay mode). The final option allows you to use both the primary and secondary colour to make the vignette effect.
Shape Rectangle
You can now choose the shape of your vignette.
Feather 0% to 100% Vignettes usually have soft edges. Feather will soften the edge of your vignette effect.
Amount 0% to 100% Controls how strongly your vignette effect is blended with the video image.
Mode Normal
Selects which blending mode is used to apply the vignette.
Dither Off
Dither can be added in the form of subtle noise to help blend the vignette in with the image.
Invert? on
Inverts the vignette so that whatever colour was on the inside of the shape is now on the outside, and the outside colour is now on the inside of the shape.
Show Helper Outline? on
The helper outline does not appear in the render of the effect, but it will help you determine where your vignette shape is, and what size it is.
Shape Centre point (x,y) Controls the position of the centre of the shape.
Rotation -360 degrees to 360 degrees Controls the rotation of the shape.
Scale 1% to 200% Controls the size of the shape.
Aspect 0.1 to 10 Controls the aspect of the shape - whether it is wide or tall.
Point To Edit 1 to 8 Select which of the 8 possible points the “custom” shape has to edit using the “Current Point” control below.
Number of Points 3 to 8 Use this control to set the number of points your custom shape has.
Current Point point (x,y) Use this to move the currently selected point of the custom shape.
Point Sharpness Toggle on
Controls whether the current point of a custom shape is sharp or rounded.
Image Blur 0% to 100% Blur the image outside the shape in the vignette.
Shape Blur 0% to 100% Blur the image inside the shape in the vignette.


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