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G Film Dissolve

G Film Dissolve allows you to transition between video clips in either of five different film styles, "Film Lab", "Teknocolor Positive", "Teknocolor Negative", "Interpositive 1" and "Interpositive 2". The dissolve can also be set to occur using YUV (really Y’CbCr) or RGB for subtly different effects.

The diagnostic mode can be set to show the effect (the dissolve) and has two modes that show the time progressing through the dissolve showing the curves that the ease-in and ease-out generate, and also how the fades themselves can be changed from linear to curved, with varying amounts of blend.

Fade Curve changes the shape of the fade curve. The neutral zero setting produces a straight line. Fade distance will allow the amount of overlap of the two fade curves (for the incoming and outgoing clip) to be adjusted. 100% is full overlap (normal for dissolves in FCP) through 50% where the curves overlap only at the middle, and beyond. If the curve of the fades is set in such a way that the dissolve is too light or dark in the middle, the fade distance can be altered to adjust the overlap to compensate.

Finally, the source black and white points for the incoming and outgoing clips can be selected. These can be adjusted to compensate for clips that don't use the full video dynamic range and are cutting out too early in the dissolve. If these settings are adjusted too far, the video will not fade in or out completely, causing a jump to occur, so use with caution.

All these controls go to make this a very flexible dissolve that looks great, even if just the standard settings are used.




Ease In -1 to 0 Adjusts the amount of ease-in the dissolve has.
Ease Out 0 to 1 Adjusts the amount of ease-out the dissolve has.
Colour Space RGB
Allows you to select which colour space the dissolve computes it’s effect in.
Film Mode on
With Film Mode off, you get a normal blend type video dissolve. With Film Mode on, the Film Type selects the type of Film Dissolve you wish to use.
Film Type Film Lab
Teknocolor Positive (Dark)
Teknocolor Negative (Light)
Interpositive 1
Interpositive 2
Selects which of the Film Dissolve types you wish to use.
Fade Distance 1% to 100% Controls the amount of overlap of the two video tracks as they dissolve.
Fade Curve -1 to 1 Changes the shape of the fade curve.
Balance 0 to 1 Controls the amount of the special film dissolve effect.
Source 1 Black 0 to 255 Sets the dissolve black point of source 1.
Source 1 White 0 to 255 Sets the dissolve white point of source 1.
Source 2 Black 0 to 255 Sets the dissolve black point of source 2.
Source 2 White 0 to 255 Sets the dissolve white point of source 2.
Diagnostic Effect
Time Graph
Film Effect Graph
Shows the effect, or either of the two graphs that can help you see what some of the above controls do in a graphical manner.



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