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G Film

This is the main filter of the Film Effects package. G Film will convert 60i NTSC video to 24p (with 3:2 pulldown so that it can be edited on a 29.97fps timeline), or 50i PAL to 25p by using a very high quality de-interlacer and proprietary algorithms.

Film Frames Per Second (PAL in Brackets)
30p (25p)
24p (20p)
15p (12.5p)
12p (10p)
This is the main control for the Film Effect. If you are using the filter with 60i NTSC video, the main numbers tell you what frame rate the effect will produce. If you are shooting 50i PAL video, the numbers in brackets tell you what frame rate will be produced.
Media Field Order
Upper, Lower
Tells the plugin the field order of the media you’re using. DV is lower, uncompressed NTSC is usually lower. Uncompressed PAL, HD and HDV are upper.
Output Field Order Upper, Lower Tells the plugin the field order of the timeline you’re using. If you notice strange strobing in 24p mode, check that this setting is correct.
Motion Blur 0% to 100% Adjusts the amount of motion blur that is present in the 24p conversion.
Blending Type 1 Field
2 Field
3 Field
3 Field Var
Selects the blending type for the 24p conversion.
Pulldown Pattern (W W S S W) AA
(W S S W W) BB
(S S W W W) BC
(S W W W S) CD
(W W W S S) DD
Selects the pulldown pattern for the 24p conversion.
Anti-Alias Amount 0% to 100% If you notice some jaggies, raising this value can smooth them out, at the expense of some softness and a small increase in render time.
De-Interlace Options Normal
View Smart Mask Selects the type of de-interlacing to use. Smart is best, although it will take a little longer to render. The “View Smart Mask” options allows you to visually adjust the “Tolerance” setting below so that the plugin knows which areas of the image are moving and which are not.
Tolerance 2 to 100 Controls which areas of the image are moving and which are not for the smart de-interlacing.
Output Cropping Full Image
User Aspect
Applies a widescreen mask to the image. Select a preset, or “User Aspect” to control the precise aspect ratio yourself.
Cropping Shift -100 to 100 Shifts the image up or down behind the widescreen mask.
User Aspect 1.33 to 4.0 This allows you to control the “User Aspect” above.

Important Note
Place any plugin that manipulates time, like G Film does, first in any stack of filters that get applied to a clip. If you don’t, render times will be longer, and some frames at the end of the clip may not get properly affected by any other filters you have applied.


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