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G Chroma Sharpen Progressive

G Chroma Sharpen Progressive and G Chroma Sharpen Interlaced work on all kinds of video. It is, however, important to select the correct chroma sampling for the kind of video you’re using, and also to pick the correct plugin for use with Progressive or Interlaced video. Picking Progressive or Interlaced is very important for 4:2:0 chroma sampling, as used in HDV, PAL DV and MPEG2 as they work differently with progressive video then they do with interlaced video.
The chroma sharpening filters are very strong effects, and when used with care can greatly enhance the chroma for bumping to a higher format or for chroma keying. When used too strongly, they can remove small chroma details. Be sure to take care when using them.
The chroma sharpening used by this filter is dependent on the luma information in the image. It is this dependence that allows this filter to improve the quality of the luma, for instance in chroma keying applications.

Mode Just Sharpen
4:2:2 Smooth then Sharpen
4:1:1 Smooth then Sharpen
4:2:0 Smooth then Sharpen
It is important to select the correct setting here for the type of video that you are using.
Sharpen Amount 0% to 100% Controls the amount of the sharpening effect that is used to reconstruct the chroma.
Anti-Alias Amount 0% to 100% Use this control to soften or smooth the chroma after it has been sharpened.
Diagnostics final
Cb Sharp
Cr Sharp
Cb Original
Cr Original
Allows you to view the final effect or to see the chroma components Cb and Cr so that you can easily see what the filter is doing.
Cb Original and Cr Original allow you to compare what the filter is doing with what the chroma channels looked like before the filter was applied.

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