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G Smart DeInterlace

This node is an advanced DeInterlace node that uses analytical techniques to reconstruct the missing field, while retaining as much detail and information as possible. Unlike simple DeInterlacers, G Smart DeInterlace eliminates most of the aliasing artifacts that can be created during the deInterlacing process.

Odd Retains the odd field. Recreates the even field using Smart techniques.
Even Retains the even field. Recreates the odd field using Smart techniques.
HQ Blend Blends both odd and even fields together, but uses Smart techniques to retain the sharpness of the original image.




Smart Deinterlace Odd

Smart Deinterlace Even


Comparing to the basic deinterlacer built into Color, the difference is immense


Color Deinterlace Odd

Color Deinterlace Even


Even on a blend deinterlace, G Smart Deinterlace produces sharper and superior results:


Smart Deinterlace
HQ Blend

Color Deinterlace Blend



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