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G Bleach Bypass

Bleach Bypass simulates the missing of a stage of film processing. This processing creates the effect of a black and white copy of the image being superimposed on top of the colour image. This is a very trendy and desirable effect that really can help make video look very filmic.


Bleach Effect Amount 0 to 1 Controls how much black gets added to the image.
Overexposure 0 to 1 Adds a controlled amount of overexposure to help simulate the effect of Bleach Bypass.
Desaturation 0 to 1 Bleach Bypass effects normally desaturate the image. This allows you to control how much desaturation, with 0 being no desaturation and 1 desaturating the image to black and white.
V1 or V2 toggle box Selects which algorithm is used to create the effect. V1 is more accurate a simulation. V2 is simpler and faster to render, but gives quite a strong effect.


Bleach Bypass V1
Bleach Bypass V2



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