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G 2 Strip

This simulates the old Technicolor 2 strip film process where colour pictures were created by recording one image through a red filter and the same image through a cyan/green filter onto a second strip of film, locked in-sync with the first.


Amount 0 to 1 Blends back to the original video to control the amount of the effect added to the video. Amount 1 is the full effect, while 0 is no effect.
Strength 0 to 1 Two strip process is quite severe. Greens show up quite blue. Strength control allows you to control the severity of this effect. One is the full strength. Zero still produces an effect, though much more subtle.

A 2 Strip and 3 Strip Technicolor simulation was used to great effect on the movie The Aviator. These plugins allow you to achieve these great effects right inside Color.


2-Strip Strength 0
2-Strip Strength 1

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