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ColorFX Node Trees

Node Trees are combinations of nodes that enable you to build up a colour effect. The best way to learn to make your own colour effects receipe is to study some existing ones. The Nattress Plugins for Color can be used individually, but the following Node Tree examples show you how to get even more out of the nodes.

G Chroma Blur.cfx
G Chroma Blur.cfx uses the Nattress RGB And YCbCr Tools to blur just the chroma. The RGB Split (set to R) node is used to separate processing of the luma (stored in the red channel) from the blurring of the Cb and Cr chroma, stored in the green and blue channels. The RGB Merge node brings the three components back together, and the the G YCbCr to RGB node converts everything back to RGB for viewing and output.

G Chroma Boost.cfx
G Chroma Boost.cfx uses the Nattress RGB And YCbCr Tools to convert G S Curve RGB from working in RGB space, to working in YCbCr space. Now, when you adjust the Red curve, you’re adjusting the luma, and when you adjust the Green and Blue curves, you’re adjusting the chroma. If you adjust the two chroma channels to different values, you’ll introduce a hue shift. If you intentionally want to do this to balance the colours or create an effect, adjusting just the Curve Balance G and Curve Balance B can give you a fine degree of control. By just adjusting Highlight G and Highlight B and Shadow G and Shadow B equally, you can increase the saturation of the image, boosting the chroma as this node tree preset demonstrates.


G Chroma Noise Reduction.cfx
G Chroma Noise Reduction.cfx combines the G Smart Denoise node with RGB Split and Merge and G RGB to YCbCr and G YCbCr to RGB so that the G Smart Denoise node is only modifying the Chroma channel of the video. The Scale RGB node displays just the Chroma channel, for easy diagnostics.


G Denoise Shadows.cfx
This node tree limits the G Smart Denoise effect to only modify the shadow regions of the image. Adjust the Scale RGB to modify what regions are considered shadow.

G DV Chroma Fix.cfx
G DV Chroma Fix.cfx uses the Nattress Chroma Sampling Toolkit nodes to vastly improve the quality of NTSC DV video chroma. A non-rendering branch of the tree is used to allow us to view the chroma channels to provide a diagnostic to help us get the perfect settings for the G Chroma Sharpen node.

G False Sunset.cfx
This Node Tree makes use of the Color nodes and the G Gradient node to create a colour gradient that is applied using G Blend. Modify the effects of this tree by picking different colours, changing the parameters of G Gradient, and picking a blend mode with G Blend.

G Highlight Glow.cfx
G Highlight Glow.cfx shows how you can used the G Blend node. If a multi-input node, like G Blend has one of it’s inputs disconnected, it defaults to pulling in the normal un-affected video. Therefore, the G Blend, is blending between the blurred video and the normal video. In this case, we chose the screen blending mode, but try others for interesting effects. The Scale RGB node is used to increase the contrast of the blurred video.

G RGB Separate Denoise.cfx
This Node Tree splits the video into its R, G and B channels and applies a separate G Smart Denoise node to each channel. This is useful for removing noise that is predominantly in one colour channel, while preserving the detail of the clean channels.

G Rich Tones.cfx
This Node Tree is an example of using G Simple Levels to adjust the effects of other nodes. In this example, G Simple Levels modifies the image before applying a Hue shift and also adjusts the alpha matte created from a B&W node. The result is a saturated image with an emphasis on the rich green tones. Modifying the Hue will affect which tones get emphasized. If the Hue shift is too great, try backing off the amount of G Blend.

G Selective Color Denoise.cfx
This Node Tree uses the HSL Key node to select the colour, from which a mask is created for applying the G Smart Denoise, enabling you to remove noise from one selected colour.


G Soft Glow.cfx
G Soft Glow.cfx is similar to the above G Highlight Glow.cfx, but removes the Scale RGB node to keep the glow looking soft. Adjust the amount of the blend to control the amount of the glow.

G Smarter Deinterlace Blend.cfx
This Node Tree creates a ‘smart’ deinterlace that only affects the regions between frames that are different, thus preserving as high a quality image as possible. The G Smart Deinterlace node is set to HQBlend, which blends together the two fields.




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