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I'm a Nattress Advanced Plugins for FinalTouch user !

We've sent e-mail with details about getting your free upgrade to the Color plugins to all our registered Advanced Plugins for FinalTouch users. Contact Wendy if you haven't received your e-mail.

What do I need to know about installation?

The installer for the Nattress Advanced Plugins for Color is a standard Mac OS X installer. There is one installer for the Plugiins and another installer for the optional ColorFX Node Trees.

IMPORTANT: In the Color “Set Up” room, under the “Project Settings” tab, be sure to set, “Deinterlace Renders” to unchecked. This ensures that you control what gets deinterlaced and enables you to get better results by using the G Smart Deinterlace plugin. As well, under the “User Prefs” tab, set “Enable Proxy Support” to unchecked, so that you can see exactly what some of the pixel level tools (G Smart Deinterlace, G Smart Denoise, G Sharpen, etc.) are doing.


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