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Please download and read the PDF instruction manual for Nattress Advanced Plugins for Apple's Color.


TRY THE FREE watermarked DEMO, which includes the totally free, un-watermarked plugin - G Blend, a wonderful blending mode plugin that features every blending mode of which we could think.


The installer for the Nattress Advanced Plugins for Color is a standard Mac OS X installer.

You are also given the option to install some ColorFX node tree presets. These presets show you how you can combine the plugins supplied together to create new and interesting effects. They get installed into your ~/Library/Application Support/Color/Effects folder.

In the Color “Set Up” room, under the “Project Settings” tab, be sure to set, “Deinterlace Renders” to unchecked. This ensures that you control what gets deinterlaced and enables you to get better results by using the G Deinterlace plugin. As well, under the “User Prefs” tab, set “Enable Proxy Support” to unchecked, so that you can see exactly what some of the pixel level tools (G Smart Deinterlace, G Smart Denoise, G Sharpen, etc.) are doing.



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