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Levels and Curves: G Detail Contrast

This filter is a combined sharpen and noise reduction tool. It works by splitting the image into two components: one containing all the high frequency details; and one containing all the low frequency or broad details.

Detail Control Amount 0 to 100
This sets the level at which the detail in your image is considered high frequency. A higher setting puts more of the image in the high frequency component of the image split.
Show... Final
Low Detail
HIgh Detail
This sets the display to show the final effect, or only the parts of the image designated as Low Detail, or only the High Detail. Be sure to set this to Final before rendering.
Gamma Curve 0 to 100 Increasing this control gives a boost to the Low Detail parts of the image.
Brightness -100 to 1000 This allows you to control the brightness of the Low Detail parts of the image.
Black Level -100 to 100 Controls black level for the Low Detail parts of the image.
S-Gamma Curve? on
Allows you to apply a gamma curve to boost the High Level detail.
Contrast -100 to 500 Controls the level of contrast in the High Detail regions.
Show Curves on
Displays a graph showing the levels for HIgh Detail with a green line and Low Detail with a red line.



Package Contains:

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