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Image F/X: G Sharpen

This filter produces a very strong effect which can be used stylistically or to clean up enlarged images (for example when working with low resolution videos taken on a digital stills camera).

Super Sharpen On? on
This control gives you turbo power sharpening. Brutal, but sometimes necessary.
Sharpen Amount 0 to 200 This sets how much sharpening is applied.
Anti-Alias Amount 0 to 100 Increase this value to soften any jaggies that get created from sharpening.
Sharpen? Luma & Chroma
Luma Only Chroma Only
Controls whether sharpen is applied to both Luma and Chroma or just one or the other.
Traditional Sharpen On? on
When using Super Sharpen On, this mode gives you the option of combining a classic sharpen algorithm with the unique Nattress Super Sharpen, or using the Super Sharpen in isolation. If both Super Sharpen and Traditional Sharpen are turned off, your image will not be sharpened.
Sharpen Radius 0 to 100 When Traditional Sharpen is set to on: increasing the radius increases the sharpen effect by drawing on a larger region of the picture for sharpness evaluation.
Sharpen Threshold 0 to 100 When Traditional Sharpen is set to on: controls the level at which sharpening gets applied. The lower the threshold, the more of the image gets sharpened.
Sharpen Amount 0 to 1000 When Traditional Sharpen is set to on: controls how much sharpening is applied.




Package Contains:

G Cool Blur
G Directional Blur
G Horizontal & Vertical Blur
G H and V Blur Glow
G Radial Blur

Extra Touches :
G Beauty
G Bug Eye
G Earthquaker
G FBM Noise
G Lens Flare
G Reverberator
G Split Screen
G Star
G Theatrical
G Tone Enhancer

G Alpha Expander
G Chroma Smoother
G Copy Channel
G Deflash
G Deflicker
G Field
G Reinterlacer

Image F/X:
G Diffuse
G False Colour
G Monochrome
G Posterise
G Saturator
G Saturator Balanced
G Sharpen
G Surreal
G Threshold
G TInt

Levels and Curves:
G Contrast
G Detail Contrast
G Detail Levels
G Hyper Contrast
G Levels
G Simple Contrast
G Simple Curves
G Simple Levels
G Super Levels

Noise Reduction:
G Chroma Noise Reduction
G Spatial Noise Reduction
G Temporal Noise Reduction

Time Tools:
G 50 Percent
G Timelapse

TV Effects:
G Analogue
G Chroma Shift
G Digital
G Head Clog
G Resolution
G Roll
G Scratch
G Shift
G TV Lines

G Burn
G Directional Blur Dissolve
G Dissolve
G Glow Dissolve
G H and V Blur Dissolve
G Lens Flare Transition
G Long Dissolve
G Sharp Dissolve
G Spring

G Bars
G Countdown Master
G FBM Noise
G Fields and Frames
G Laser
G Lines
G Long Lines
G Random
G Video Strip




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