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Image F/X: G Saturator

G Saturator gives you variable saturation or desaturation and the option to use a custom luma mask (Non-linear Luma Controls) to control which areas of the image are effected.
By selecting Invert Luma, the bright colours will lose their colour, and dark colours become more saturated. The levels controls allow you to tweak the effect by defining how dark or bright the tones of the mask are and hence how much they affect the saturation.

Amount 0 to 100
Controls the overall amount of the saturation / desaturation effect by blending the saturated image with the original image.
Saturator -1 to 4 Saturates or desaturates the image by the amount set.
View Luma Map on
Turning this on shows a diagnostic luma map to help you fine tune the luma mask when using the Non-linear Luma Controls.
Use Linear Luma on
Select this when you don’t want to modify the composition of the luma mask. Select ‘Off’ to use the Non-linear Luma Controls to create a custom luma mask.
Invert Luma on
Swaps the effect on the bright and dark regions.
Red Mix
Green Mix
Blue Mix
0 to 15 Each colour channel can be individually mixed to adjust the Luma. Sometimes selecting Invert Luma and reversing the colour mix can more desirable results than directly mixing the colours.
White Level 0 to 255 Lowering White Level will brighten the luma mask, increasing the region included in the luma mask.
Black Level 0 to 255 Raising Black Level will darken the luma mask, decreasing the region included in the luma mask.
Gamma -1 to 1 Adjusts the brightness or darkness of the luma mask mid tones, leaving bright and dark tones alone.
White Output 0 to 255 Lowering White Output will make the luma mask dimmer by limiting the maximum brightness and thus decreasing the region included in the luma mask.
Black Output 0 to 255 Raising Black Output will make the dark areas of the luma brighter, increasing the region included in the luma mask.



Package Contains:

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G Directional Blur
G Horizontal & Vertical Blur
G H and V Blur Glow
G Radial Blur

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