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Generators: G Video Strip

G Video Strip is a very useful and time saving generator that takes up to ten video clips and puts them in an animating strip across, or up and down, the screen. If the clips used in the strip are short they will repeat.

Speed -25 to 25
A positive speed moves the video stip forward or up the screen, negative goes back or down. A speed of 0 will create a static video strip that does not move.
Position -100 to 100 Controls the placement of the video strip horizontally or vertically on the screen.
Horizontal? on
on: the video strip appears horizontally
off: the video strip appears vertically
Size 1 to 100 Sets the size of the videos in the strip, governing how many clips are visible at once.
Spacing -100 to 100 Negative numbers move the videos closer together. Positive numbers put space between the clips.
Crop Left
Crop Right
Crop Top
Crop Bottom
0 to 1 Crops the edges of the video clips.
Source 1 to 10 Source Well Drag the source clip from your bin into this source well.
Source 1 to 10 Activated? on
Sets whether the video source is included in the video strip.




Package Contains:

G Cool Blur
G Directional Blur
G Horizontal & Vertical Blur
G H and V Blur Glow
G Radial Blur

Extra Touches :
G Beauty
G Bug Eye
G Earthquaker
G FBM Noise
G Lens Flare
G Reverberator
G Split Screen
G Star
G Theatrical
G Tone Enhancer

G Alpha Expander
G Chroma Smoother
G Copy Channel
G Deflash
G Deflicker
G Field
G Reinterlacer

Image F/X:
G Diffuse
G False Colour
G Monochrome
G Posterise
G Saturator
G Saturator Balanced
G Sharpen
G Surreal
G Threshold
G TInt

Levels and Curves:
G Contrast
G Detail Contrast
G Detail Levels
G Hyper Contrast
G Levels
G Simple Contrast
G Simple Curves
G Simple Levels
G Super Levels

Noise Reduction:
G Chroma Noise Reduction
G Spatial Noise Reduction
G Temporal Noise Reduction

Time Tools:
G 50 Percent
G Timelapse

TV Effects:
G Analogue
G Chroma Shift
G Digital
G Head Clog
G Resolution
G Roll
G Scratch
G Shift
G TV Lines

G Burn
G Directional Blur Dissolve
G Dissolve
G Glow Dissolve
G H and V Blur Dissolve
G Lens Flare Transition
G Long Dissolve
G Sharp Dissolve
G Spring

G Bars
G Countdown Master
G FBM Noise
G Fields and Frames
G Laser
G Lines
G Long Lines
G Random
G Video Strip




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