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FixIT: G Deflash

Removes the effects of photographic flashes from footage by removing the "damaged" frame and replacing it with a blend of the previous and next frames. This filter is set to detect flashes that occur for one field only.

While setting the values, make sure you set the display of the image at 100% with Show as Square Pixels turned off. Once values are set, the filter will render correctly no matter what setting the viewer is on.

Flash Tolerance 0 to 255
While viewing diagnostics, adjust this control to make the areas of the image effected by the flash appear white. Don't worry if other small areas of the image are also turned white - especially on frames without a flash. Frames without a flash should appear mostly black.
Flash Detect 0 to 100 Sets the percentage of the image that must appear white in the diagnostic mode to count as a flash.
View Diagnostics on
Shows the flashed frames as mostly white, super imposing a red number for low percentage chance of being a flash frame or a green number for indicating a high probability of a flash frame - as set by the Flash Detect value.


Package Contains:

G Cool Blur
G Directional Blur
G Horizontal & Vertical Blur
G H and V Blur Glow
G Radial Blur

Extra Touches :
G Beauty
G Bug Eye
G Earthquaker
G FBM Noise
G Lens Flare
G Reverberator
G Split Screen
G Star
G Theatrical
G Tone Enhancer

G Alpha Expander
G Chroma Smoother
G Copy Channel
G Deflash
G Deflicker
G Field
G Reinterlacer

Image F/X:
G Diffuse
G False Colour
G Monochrome
G Posterise
G Saturator
G Saturator Balanced
G Sharpen
G Surreal
G Threshold
G TInt

Levels and Curves:
G Contrast
G Detail Contrast
G Detail Levels
G Hyper Contrast
G Levels
G Simple Contrast
G Simple Curves
G Simple Levels
G Super Levels

Noise Reduction:
G Chroma Noise Reduction
G Spatial Noise Reduction
G Temporal Noise Reduction

Time Tools:
G 50 Percent
G Timelapse

TV Effects:
G Analogue
G Chroma Shift
G Digital
G Head Clog
G Resolution
G Roll
G Scratch
G Shift
G TV Lines

G Burn
G Directional Blur Dissolve
G Dissolve
G Glow Dissolve
G H and V Blur Dissolve
G Lens Flare Transition
G Long Dissolve
G Sharp Dissolve
G Spring

G Bars
G Countdown Master
G FBM Noise
G Fields and Frames
G Laser
G Lines
G Long Lines
G Random
G Video Strip




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