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Extra Touches: G Split Screen

Use this filter to create split screen telephone conversations, before and after visuals, or anything else that requires cropping one layer of video to show through the layer below. G Split Screen is more than just a crop function; it also draws in a line along the division; and can divide the screen horizontally, vertically, or along any angle you choose.

FCP sometimes creates some strange results when G Split Screen is used in conjunction with other filters, so it is best to use this filter in isolation. If you get strange artifacts, try turning the filter off and then on again to clear the image buffer. Additionally, undocumented features in FCP cause this filter to render improperly in High-precision YUV mode (unless Line Opacity is set to zero), so use 8-bit mode when rendering.

Percentage Split 0 to 100
What percentage of the screen is revealed.
Angle of Split -360 to 360 Sets the angle of the split.
Invert on
What is hidden becomes revealed, and vice versa.
Line Colour Colour Picker Selects the colour of the line.
Line Thickness 0 to 100 Sets the thickness of the line. A setting of 0 is no line.
Line Opacity 0 to 100 Controls the opacity of the line.
Line Softness 0 to 100 Controls how hard or soft the line is.


Package Contains:

G Cool Blur
G Directional Blur
G Horizontal & Vertical Blur
G H and V Blur Glow
G Radial Blur

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Levels and Curves:
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Noise Reduction:
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Time Tools:
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