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Extra Touches: G Reverberator

Using the same physics simulator as G Earthquaker, this filter allows you to pick the axis or angle in which the screen will reverberate. On top of this, you can have a z-axis or rotation reverberation. Keyframe animating the Amount allows you to bounce the screen in time with music or monster footsteps, etc..

Mode Quake
Selects wether Shake or Quake mode is to be used. Shake enlarges the image to prevent screen edges from appearing, while Quake stretches and distorts the image.
Amount 0 to 100 The overall amount of the effect - keyframe this parameter to bring the effect in or out.
Reverb Direction -360 to 360 Selects the angle in which direction the screen will move.
Reverb Strength 0.1 to 10 The strength of the randomly vibrating point that drives the spring simulation system, not unlike the Richter scale.
Z-Axis Reverb Strength 0 to 10 Controls the strength of the screen rotation. A value of 0 is no rotation.
Mass 0.5 to 10 The mass of the screen - increasing mass will slow the movement of the screen, but also give it greater inertia.
Spring 0 to 1 The spring constant of the simulation - increasing the spring constant will make the spring stronger and springier - decreasing it will make the spring looser and pull less on the screen.
Length 0 to 10 This is the "natural length" of the spring. This can be increased to allow the screen to move around further.
Friction 0 to 1 Friction acts like a viscous force that retards the motion of the screen. A friction of zero will send the screen in to chaos as there will be nothing stopping the spring stretching and the screen moving. Increasing the friction will dampen the movement.
Show Diagnostics on
This turns on the coloured dots that show the randomly vibrating dot (green), and the centre point of the screen (red).



Package Contains:

G Cool Blur
G Directional Blur
G Horizontal & Vertical Blur
G H and V Blur Glow
G Radial Blur

Extra Touches :
G Beauty
G Bug Eye
G Earthquaker
G FBM Noise
G Lens Flare
G Reverberator
G Split Screen
G Star
G Theatrical
G Tone Enhancer

G Alpha Expander
G Chroma Smoother
G Copy Channel
G Deflash
G Deflicker
G Field
G Reinterlacer

Image F/X:
G Diffuse
G False Colour
G Monochrome
G Posterise
G Saturator
G Saturator Balanced
G Sharpen
G Surreal
G Threshold
G TInt

Levels and Curves:
G Contrast
G Detail Contrast
G Detail Levels
G Hyper Contrast
G Levels
G Simple Contrast
G Simple Curves
G Simple Levels
G Super Levels

Noise Reduction:
G Chroma Noise Reduction
G Spatial Noise Reduction
G Temporal Noise Reduction

Time Tools:
G 50 Percent
G Timelapse

TV Effects:
G Analogue
G Chroma Shift
G Digital
G Head Clog
G Resolution
G Roll
G Scratch
G Shift
G TV Lines

G Burn
G Directional Blur Dissolve
G Dissolve
G Glow Dissolve
G H and V Blur Dissolve
G Lens Flare Transition
G Long Dissolve
G Sharp Dissolve
G Spring

G Bars
G Countdown Master
G FBM Noise
G Fields and Frames
G Laser
G Lines
G Long Lines
G Random
G Video Strip




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