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Extra Touches: G Bug Eye

G Bug Eye divides the screen into an array of hexagons to make the image appear like it is being viewed through a bug’s compound eye. The horizontal and vertical controls govern the number of hexagons that make up the compound eye. To enhance the buggy eye effect, the other controls produce a fish-eye effect on the video.

Please note that G Bug Eye does not render correctly in High-precision YUV rendering. The work around is to render in 8-bit YUV mode.

Radius 0 to 100
The radius of the fish eye effect.
Amount 0 to 20 The amount of curvature of the fish eye effect.
Light Strength 0 to 100 Controls the brightness of the diffuse highlight that makes the eye elements look curved.
Specular Strength 0 to 100 Sets brightness of the specular highlight that makes the eye elements look curved.
Horizontal 1 to 16 The number of hexagons across the screen.
Vertical 1 to 16 The number of hexagons up and down the screen.


Package Contains:

G Cool Blur
G Directional Blur
G Horizontal & Vertical Blur
G H and V Blur Glow
G Radial Blur

Extra Touches :
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G Bug Eye
G Earthquaker
G FBM Noise
G Lens Flare
G Reverberator
G Split Screen
G Star
G Theatrical
G Tone Enhancer

G Alpha Expander
G Chroma Smoother
G Copy Channel
G Deflash
G Deflicker
G Field
G Reinterlacer

Image F/X:
G Diffuse
G False Colour
G Monochrome
G Posterise
G Saturator
G Saturator Balanced
G Sharpen
G Surreal
G Threshold
G TInt

Levels and Curves:
G Contrast
G Detail Contrast
G Detail Levels
G Hyper Contrast
G Levels
G Simple Contrast
G Simple Curves
G Simple Levels
G Super Levels

Noise Reduction:
G Chroma Noise Reduction
G Spatial Noise Reduction
G Temporal Noise Reduction

Time Tools:
G 50 Percent
G Timelapse

TV Effects:
G Analogue
G Chroma Shift
G Digital
G Head Clog
G Resolution
G Roll
G Scratch
G Shift
G TV Lines

G Burn
G Directional Blur Dissolve
G Dissolve
G Glow Dissolve
G H and V Blur Dissolve
G Lens Flare Transition
G Long Dissolve
G Sharp Dissolve
G Spring

G Bars
G Countdown Master
G FBM Noise
G Fields and Frames
G Laser
G Lines
G Long Lines
G Random
G Video Strip




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