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Bird Brains: The Nest Generation


Bird Brains is a puppet based 5 minute sci-fi epic, showing off the Nattress Special Effects Filters from Big Box of Tricks. Extensive use was also made of Film Effects and Standards Conversion. It's full of action and fun!

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This 3 minute video was shot on the JVC HD100 HDV video camera at 720p30. The video was strongly affected with Film Effects to give a very special look. StereoImages is a celebration of an audiophile's favourite toys... Produced by Graeme Nattress.


View Stereo Images (15MB)


See some of our user's videos:

NEW! See Adam Rook's Nissan Altima commercial. (courtesy of Dexteriti Digital Media)

See Adam Rook's Nissan Truck commercial using Film Effects. (courtesy of Dexteriti Digital Media)

See Adam Rook's Mustang commercial using Film Effects. (courtesy of Dexteriti Digital Media)



Film Effects - Movies

These two movies show all the Film Effects V2.0 presets:

G Film Plus Presets Movie (12MB)

G Film Extra Presets Movie (4MB)

The above movies were shot on a Sony PDX10 DVCAM camera in it's 16:9 widescreen mode. The PDX10 is a normal NTSC video camera that shoots normal NTSC 60i. Film Effects was applied to the clip and each of the presets were chosen to show you the effects they produce. Because the clip is for the web, not for TV, the 60i to 24p mode in Standards Conversion was used instead of the similar mode in Film Effects. The Standards Conversion converts 60i to 24p using the same algorithm as Film Effects and produces the same quality results, but the end movie is 23.98fps rather than 29.97fps which Film Effects produces. This is because Film Effects adds 3:2 pulldown to the 24p to make it work in a normal NTSC timeline.

Standards Conversion - Tutorial Movies

The following four movies explain how to convert between video formats using Standards Conversion.

PAL to NTSC Conversion (1.6 MB)

NTSC to PAL Conversion (3.1 MB)

NTSC to 24p Conversion (1.9 MB)

24pAdvanced to 24pNormal Conversion (1.9 MB)



Big Box of Tricks Movies

This video clip shows an example of the filter G Lines in action!


See an explosion effect created using G Earthquaker - as seen on CTV's High Tech TV: Movie

See G Earthquaker used as a transition in this example movie.

See two examples of transitions created with G Spring:

Example 1

Example 2





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