Plugin Solutions For Final Cut Pro, Color, & Motion
  Know a good FCP LInk, or have an FCP related site you'd like to see here?, RED, the 4k Digital Cinema camera. - a fantastic utility for dealing with HDV!

Pro App Tips, a new site for tips, hints, downloads and links related to all the Apple Pro Applications. provide training material for Final Cut Pro.

Larry Jordan's FCP Website, and get some free Nattress Plugins with:

Need tutorial DVDs or workshops on Final Cut Pro? DVCreator's Final Cut Pro Planet has what you need.

Apple Pro Software Resources Links to Plugins for Final Cut Pro, including the Nattress plugins!

Ken Stone writes excellent articles on FCP and has a great forum.

The Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group has an excellent FCP forum (and DVD Studio, Motion and Soundtrack Pro too), along with great reviews and articles.

The Creative Cow has more than just an FCP forum - almost every video product available has a forum!

The Digital Video Information Network has some great forums, especially if you're interested in DV cameras.

2-Pop - the classic FCP forums.

Lunchtime Cinema has a great list of FCP resources.

Apple themselves have a great FCP tech support forum!, which features some interesting video related reviews.

Aldea(Mac), the biggest Mac oriented web site in the spanish speaking world.

The.Point a wonderful podcast on FCP and podcast audio production. has very useful forums for all kinds of video technology, cameras and NLEs.

HD For Indies is Mike Curtis' blog on how to do HD on a budget.

DVXUser has great forums for more than just the Panasonic DVX100!

Digital Production Buzz, the successor to "The DV Guys".

Mac OS X Hints

A wonderful digital photography resource, The Luminous Landscape.

Graeme's Photography Website.

Martin Bailey Photograph - great podcast!


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