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Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro

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G Cadence Detect

A helper plugin for you to determine the 3:2 pulldown sequence of a clip.

G Low Pass

Do your title graphics look bad when compressed to DV, even when you view them on your PAL or NTSC monitor? This is an experimental filter that performs a low pass horizontal filter on your video to make sure that the Apple DV codec is not given too much information, and hence can do a better job of compressing video with high frequencies, like text or titles. This is a new experiment I'm trying, so feedback please!

G Blur Dissolve

Dissolves your incoming clip into your outgoing clip, blurring both clips towards the middle of the transition. Great for dreamy dissolves and wedding videos.

G Gradient Dissolve

Allows you to specify an animating gradient for the dissolve, and have it play forwards or backwards, and also time scale the length of the animation to the length of the transition automatically.

G Earthquake

Shakes or Quakes (shaking and scaling at the same time) the screen apart as it transitions from the outgoing clip into the incoming clip.

G Red

Can you make a full colour image with just red and white light? This filter proves that you can by taking your video and splitting it into a red image and a black and white image. The images are interlaced together so you can see the red and white pixels in close up. I don't know what use you'll find for this one, but it's interesting and fun!

G Take

Display any colour channel of an image - great for diagnostic purposes in writing your own filters, or for creating travel mattes etc.

G Speed

A simple speed up your footage filter, but with a setting for offset - great for extracting video from security footage where the cameras are recorded sequentially.

G Reverse

FCP doesn't do a good job of playing video backwards! Although the video goes into reverse, the field order doesn't change, hence producing a less than smooth result. This filter reverses the video and the field order producing really smooth reverse video.










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