Plugin Solutions For Final Cut Pro, Color, & Motion


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Instruction PDFs:

FCP Plugins:
Film Effects V2.5 Instructions
Standards Conversion V2.5 Instructions
Set 1 Instructions (discontinued)
Set 2 Instructions (discontinued)
Big Box Of Tricks Instructions

Color Plugins
Advanced Plugins for Color Instructions

Demo Versions:

FCP Plugins:
Film Effects V2.5.1 DEMO
Standards Conversion V2.5 DEMO
Set 1 DEMO (Version 1.3)
Set 2 DEMO (Version 1.3)
Big Box Of Tricks DEMO (OS 10.2 and later) [for earlier OS, please use this DEMO ]

Advanced Plugins for Color DEMO.

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Film Effects V2.5.2 released July 12, 2006
Standards Conversion V2.5.2
Set 1 Version 2.0 released July 6, 2006 (discontinued)
Set 2 Version 2.1 released Oct. 23, 2006 (discontinued)
Big Box Of Tricks

Advanced Plugins for Color (formly Advanced Plugins for Final Touch)




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