Chromagic FX Plug & Ipad App

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Chromagic FXPlug is a color correction plugin for Final Cut Pro 7 and works with the Chromagic Ipad App to turn your Ipad into an "eyes-free" color correction console.

You must have the Chromagic FXPlug installed on your Mac, along with Apple's Final Cut Pro 7 (or Final Cut Studio 2) software, to make use of the Chromagic Ipad App.

The Chromagic Ipad App allows you to make primary and secondary color corrections, including drawing and modifying masks, on your video clips in Final Cut Pro, by using gestures on your Ipad. You can keep your eyes on your video footage and watch the color corrections in real time, while your fingers swipe, pinch and tweak.

Click HERE to downoad the full-function, water-marked version of Chromagic FXPlug for Final Cut Pro 7.

Click HERE to go to the Apple App store to download your free Chromagic Ipad App to use with the Chromagic FXPlug for Final Cut Pro 7.

Click HERE to download the instruction pdf file.

Click HERE to go to our on-line store to purchase your product activation code for US$25 to remove the water-mark from the Chromagic FXPlug software for Final Cut Pro 7.


Chromagic FXPlug and Chromagic Ipad App Example

Below is the original clip. In Final Cut Pro 7, apply the Chromagic FXPug to the clip. Fire up your Ipad and launch the Chromagic Ipad App.

A primary color color correction was applied to boost the contrast and to warm the image slightly.

This primary correction improves the clip (above right), but the red jacket in the background is distracting.

I apply a second instance of the Chromagic FXPluig in FCP, and drop the saturation (four fingers dragging down in the Primary room, above).

In the Limit Effect Room, I double tap to activate a Chroma limit. A left to right slide selects the red hue. A single finger sliding up sets the width of the chroma limit. This takes care of the jacket, but ruins my lady’s face!

This overcompensation can be solved by adding a quick mask in the Mask Drawing Room. I draw a mask on the woman’s face, then invert it, so that her face is no longer being affected.



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