Nattress Levels and Curves Logo

Levels and Curves V2.1.3

  • On-screen curve display and GUI for intuitive adjustments.

  • Work on your image in a film-log space for superb image results.

  • Curves control ranges designed for video or log images.

  • Log to video mapping for Cineon and digital camera log formats.

Nattress Contrast Logo

Contrast Filters

  • Edge dependent contrast masking to preserves edges and maintain detail.

  • Independent control of luma and saturation contrast.

  • Digitally recreate the high-contrast film processing Bleach Bypass effect.

Film Transition Logo

Film Transitions v1.0.3

  • Jumpy Splice simulates the effect of film jumping out of the projector's registration sprockets at the point of a tape splice.

  • Burn Through mimics the melting and burning of the film image when the film jams in the projector.

  • Film Flash recreates the overexposure produced at the end of a film take.

  • Film Dissolve brings the power of film-log space to recreate the illusion of an optical dissolve. Choose from four different styles of dissolve.

Nattress VideoScrapbook Icon

Video Scrapbook

  • Add motion to photos without the need to keyframe.

  • Evocative and nostalgic transitions and impressionistic dissolves.

  • Create stylized backgrounds for portrait photos that don’t fill the frame.

Nattress Shatter Transitions logo

Shatter Transitions

  • Outgoing video shatters into pieces, or

  • Incoming video comes together from pieces.

  • Several ‘Piece’ styles to choose from, including, cracks, snowflakes, stars, puzzle, bricks, flames and more.

Nattress Bounce Transitions Icon

Bounce Transitions

  • Bounce incoming video onto the screen or outgoing video off of the screen.

  • Crop your footage inside a circle or rectangle with optional rounded corners.

  • Customize your bounce with Outline controls, Crop Animation, Motion Trails and Squash and Stretch FX.

  • Great for graphics and title treatments!

Film Effects

  • Preset Library contains many popular film look effects .

  • Add Film Damage, Widescreen Matte, Vignette, Gamma Curves and Temperature Shifts.

  • Remove DV colour artifacts with intelligent chroma upsampler.

Big Box of Tricks

  • Lens Flares, Video Strip Effects, Star Effects, Animated Lines, Glow Dissolves, TV Special Effects and artifacts, Beauty Glow, Split Screen Effect, Earthquake/Reverb Effects, Powerful Posturisation, Burn Transitions, and more!

  • Plus valuable tools to correct Video Levels, Remove Noise and Artifacts, correct field problems, adjust Contract, and make your footage look its best.

Standards Conversion

  • Convert between NTSC (29.97fps), PAL (25fps), and Film (24P) inside Final Cut Pro.

  • Add or remove pulldown.

  • Manipulate frames and fields.

Advanced Plugins for Color

  • Create Technicolor simulation, bleach bypass, chroma smoothing, gamma curves, noise removal and more!

  • Additional node trees examples are included to show you how to get the best out of the plugins.