Nattress Levels and Curves Logo Levels and Curves V2.1.3
Take control of your footage with the power of curves applied in film-log space.
Learn how to use these dynamic transitions in FCPX!
  • On-screen curve display and GUI for intuitive adjustments.

  • Work on your image in a film-log space for superb image results.

  • Curves control ranges designed for video or log images.

  • Log to video mapping for Cineon and digital camera log formats.

Nattress Levels and Curves v2.1.3 fixes a problem that occurred with some video cards and the OSX Mavericks.

The key to grading with curve controls is to ensure that the range of control is designed to work well with the linearity of source image. FCPX natively works on your images in linear light, and although superb for compositing, linear light representation is far from ideal for grading an image. Nattress Levels and Curves controls have special mapping for video or log images to ensure you get a fine degree of control with your curves. Video based images are placed into a specially constructed film-log space which also gives you the benefit of film-like contrast handling. Log based images now have their own special mapping suited to grading their low-contrast range of values and they can also be transformed into a video space (suitable for viewing on a REC709 monitor) with an easy to use control covering the main log formats.

Use the library of pre-sets to quickly apply popular level corrections, or create and save your own pre-sets to use again and again.

Nattress Levels and Curves works inside the FxFactory visual effects architecture for Final Cut Pro, Motion, and After Effects. FxFactory is free to install and includes a demo version of Nattress Levels and Curves.

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